Cabbage & Cucumbers in Salt Brine, Fermented 7 Days

Sauerkraut from Ashley, Meta Street Cafe

Let there be sauerkraut….in one week. 🍶 Cabbage & cucumbers in brine. I followed Alice Waters’ description in her cookbook The Art of Simple Food.  Alice Waters describes how to weight the cabbage with a small plate and a rock or a water-filled bag to keep submerged while fermenting. Hoping to fool-proof this batch, I used a mason jar attachment from Kraut Source. It uses a spring to push at the cabbage, keeping it submerged, & allows CO2 to escape, but does not let oxygen in, much like a beer fermenter. My first try at fermenting cabbage without this tool bred pink mold. I had more confidence in this batch, and it all panned out.  Success! 🍴

Sauerkraut Selfie