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Chicken & Vegetable Soup | Ashley | Meta Street Cafe

A Comfort Food Vignette from Ashley, Meta Street Bungalow

Joon didn’t know how to ride a bike when she arrived at the University. Our apartment was off-campus student housing, connected to our classes by a bike path. She had a bike and taught herself to ride so she could get to class. Joon was not very stable, but she kept with it. For the days she fell and walked her bike home to rest, she had homemade chicken soup for comfort. 🚴

Hua Joon was Korean and also ate tiny dried silvery fish in the way I ate potato chips.  Boiling the chicken was an all day event.  The chicken would boil on the stove of our tiny apartment for hours while we studied.  When it was done, Joon had meals for the week.  It was a good strategy, especially on a college student’s budget. The rest of us were taking trips to Costco for giant boxes of Honey Grahams cereal and mega jars of peanut butter and jelly. 🐓

More than twenty years later, I remember Joon’s boiling chicken, late night’s studying, and dented bicycle when I boil whole chickens to make chicken stock and bone broth at home.  Once it’s complete, I freeze it in Ball jars and bring one serving size at a time to the fridge.  We boost the broth by adding shredded chicken, cooked rice, chopped spinach, carrots, onions, amd baked sweet potatoes, salt and pepper and have it on hand to eat with fresh popovers when someone in the family is feeling under the weather, or following a spill off a bicycle.  🍜

Chicken & Vegetable Soup | Ashley | Meta Street Cafe

Chicken & Vegetable Soup | Ashley | Meta Street Cafe

Chicken & Vegetable Soup Recipe from Ashley, Meta Street Bungalow

Rinse a whole organic chicken, removing any insides put in the cavity.  Fill a large soup pot with clean water.  Put the chicken in a collander in the soup pot, submerging it in the water.  Get the pot boiling and add a few garlic cloves, carrots, celery, cilantro, and a chopped onion.  (I use a large soup pot with a colander insert to make pulling the boiled chicken and vegetables easy to remove from the broth and discard.)  Let the chicken boil for an hour or so, until it’s cooked.  Using a utensil in each hand, fish out large chunks of meat and set aside.  Boil the carcas another couple of hours to get the benefits from boiled bones.  When done, turn off the stove and pull the collander with the chicken carcas in it out of the soup pot.  Let it cool.  This is chicken broth, or chicken stock.

Popovers | Robyn | Plum Cove Cottage

Popovers | Robyn | Plum Cove Cottage

Popovers Recipe from Robyn, Plum Cove Cottage

Popovers are light and easy to make. A few tricks help them to rise.Stick to the recipe. Warm up the pans. Fill 3/4 full only and preheat the oven before putting them in. Then lower after 15 minutes. They will rise to perfection.

Preheat oven to 450 degrees

Butter 18 muffin cups and heat tins in oven (may dust with flour, sugar, parmesan)

In Blender: 2 cups milk 3 cups milk

2 tbl melted buter 3 tbl melted butter

2 cups flour 3 cups flour

Dash salt

Add: 4 eggs one at a time 6 eggs

(18 reg muffin cups) (8 lrg muffin cups)

Batter should be as whipped cream

Fill warm muffin cups ¾ full (don’t overfill)
Bake at 450 degrees for 15 mins then lower temperature to 350 for 20 mins.

Enjoy with butter and jam, or on a small plate next to a bowl of soup.

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