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 Lettuce harvest from Plum Cove Cottage |Gloucester, Massachusetts

Lettuce harvest from Plum Cove Cottage |Gloucester, Massachusetts

Oil + Vinegar + Herb | Salad Dressing

Thirty-five years ago, in office lunchrooms across the country, women, including my mom, brought out their salads for lunch, writing down their calorie intake for weight loss. Shaking small tupperware containers of dressing, they poured an oil & vinegar-based dressing on greens and chopped vegetables for a low calorie meal.  Today, there seem to be fewer calorie counters, but more emphasis on whole food diets, so salads are still the food of choice for anyone paying attention.

Also thirty-five years ago, my family grew vegetables in a garden created on top of our garage rooftop.  Yes, okay, we were the Little House on the Prairie wannabes.  That’s right, I was Laura.  But, you know, today I am preparing an area of my front yard to plant fall greens and I am very grateful that doing this feels natural to me and to my daughter.  In addition, making the dressing at home is what Ma Ingalls would do, and tastes the best, too.

Oil and Vinegar is a good basic base and adding herbs alters the flavor for variety.  With a few simple ingredients in the pantry, salad dressings are always available.  I tend towards the stronger olive oils from We Olive Ventura, and have really liked the Koroneiki olive oil they sell by the ounce.  I keep a few herb plants going in the yard so I have herbs on hand, but fresh herbs from local farms is another easy way to obtain a fresh taste.  Local Harvest Delivery offers a large selection of fresh herbs.  In addition, I like diced onions in my salad dressing and often add marinated beets with onions.

Oil + Vinegar + Herb | Salad Dressing Recipe

One cup olive oilone cup apple cider or rice vinegar, handful of diced onions, basil, & lemon thyme, salt & pepper to taste.

Ashley with her Mom | Colorado |1979