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Dried Plums

Meta Street Bungalow | Ashley | Dried Plums

Dried Fruit

We did a lot of family hiking when I was growing up.  In the 1970’s & ’80’s small packages of convenience snacks and protein bars were not as common as they are now.  When we hiked, we mostly packed salame, cheese, crackers, & a nut +  fruit trailmix.  These days, when there is an abundance of summer fruit, I like to wash, pit, & slice fruit for the dehydrator to make a packable snack, like we used to eat on the trail.

Dried Fruit Recipe

Wash, pit, & slice fruit and place in a dehydrator according to the machine’s directions.  I have a basic dehydrator and it was set at 135 degrees for about 8 hours.

Eastern Sierra | 1980's | Ashley, Memory, and their Mom  (Robyn)

Eastern Sierra | 1980’s | Ashley, Memory, and their Mom (Robyn)