Plum Cove Cottage | Robyn | Orange Bread

Plum Cove Cottage | Robyn | Orange Bread

Orange Bread

This is my favorite grainy bread because it always comes out soft despite all the lovely grains included in the recipe.  And it has an aromatic, lovely citrus flavor from the skin of the orange.

Orange Bread Recipe

Place 2 cups water and 1 cup oatmeal in pan and bring to boil

Turn into bowl and let cool

Sprinkle with 2 tbl yeast into ½ cup warm water

Scrape pith from 1 orange with spoon

Place rind in blender with 2 tbl water and blend

Add yeast, 2 ½ tsp salt, orange peel, 1/3 c butter, ¼ c molasses to cooled oatmeal

Stir in 1 cup warm milk

Add 1 ½ cup barley flour, 1 cup rye flour, 3 c white flour

May add raisens or other dried fruit.

Knead and form into 2 loaves

Place in two greased loaf pans or rounds on cookies sheet

Let rise in pans

Bake 375 degs for 40 mins

Place on rack out of pans and cool

Makes 2 loaves