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Shiitake Basil Gorgonzola Pizza

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Shiitake Basil Gorgonzola Pizza

Needed to put together a quick meal after a long day working in our studios; thought about what I already had, so only needed to pick up mushrooms. Slim pickings late in the day at Trader Joe’s; these Shiitakes looked the best. Though there looked to be not enough for two “pizzas”, their umami taste was bold enough to stay in balance with the other ingredients.

My husband stays away from most wheat, but the Ezekiel 4:9 Sprouted Whole Grain Tortillas, also available at Trader Joe’s, don’t seem to bother him. So no pizza crust, just the slightly cardboardy tortilla, but he loved it, topped with the sautéed Shiitakes and shallots, gorgonzola, artichoke hearts, and basil. He actually prefers these to real pizza! go figure.  (Ezekiel 4:9, inspired by the Holy Scripture verse “Take also unto thee Wheat and Barley and Beans and Lentils and Millet and Spelt and put them in one vessel and make bread of it.” )

Now that I think about it, the rich flavor was inspired by the mini pizzas sold at the Q Bakery on Sunset Boulevard in Pacific Palisades.  Oh. so long ago.

Shiitake Basil Gorgonzola Basil Pizza Recipe

Shiitake, Shallot, Gorgonzola, Artichoke Heart, Basil “Pizza” on Sprouted Whole Grain Tortilla