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Roasted Pickled Beets & Fennel

Meta Street Bungalow | Ashley | Roasted Pickled Beets & Fennel


Roasted Pickled Beets & Fennel Recipe

I added fennel and orange zest to my pickled beets.  Start with a washed and trimmed fennel bulb and three or four beets.  Steam the fennel for 10 minutes. then add to scrubbed beets in a baking dish.  Sprinkle with salt and cover.  Bake for an hour, or two, until a fork easily pierces the beets.

Once removed from oven & cooled, trim and peel the beets.  Dice beets and fennel.  Mix together with a splash of red wine vinegar & salt to taste.  This is where I added orange zest.  Let that all absorb and add a splash of olive oil.

From Alice Waters’ book, “The Art of Simple Food”

To eat with the beets, I steamed flash frozen Tilapia white fish in tin foil with olive oil, salt, dill, & green garlic.  Wrapped up in “pockets” with tin foil, (a technique I learned from my stepmom, Lynn), they were baked at 375 for 40 minutes.  Brown rice is served on the side.