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Green Posole Chicken Soup in a bowl with radishes on the side

Gathered Scattered Kitchen | Diana | Green Posole Chicken Soup

Green Posole Chicken Soup

What to do with all the tomatillos that are coming out of the garden? Make green posole of course.   It just so happens that I have a leftover chicken carcass lying in the fridge with a little meat on it, so here goes:

Green Posole Chicken Soup Recipe


A leftover chicken carcass

1 lb. of tomatillos

1 white onion

2 cloves of garlic

1 tbsp dried oregano

2 tsp ground cumin or to taste

1 poblano pepper

2 serrano peppers

2 cans of hominy

1 small zucchini

A small bunch of cilantro

salt & pepper to taste

Garnish options: sour cream (I make a raw cashew sour cream), radishes and pepitas, shredded cabbage, wedge of lime.

1. Put carcass and leftover bones in the pressure cooker and fill with 10 cups of water. Bring to high pressure, then lower the heat to maintain pressure for 25 minutes. After, remove from heat and let pressure come down naturally.

2. While the chicken is cooking, chop up 1 onion, 2 cloves of garlic, a poblano pepper and a couple of chilis.

3. When the pressure comes down, drain the carcass into a sieve and a bowl. Let it cool down until you can touch it. You want to separate the broth from the bones at this point.

4. Pick off all the meat of the bones and discard the bones.

5. Clean and de-husk the tomatillos. Chop up roughly and blend in blender or food processor.

5. Use the pressure cooker pot (without lid) to heat up some olive oil and shallow fry your veg until soft (about 10 minutes)

6. When veg are soft, pour in the broth and tomatillo puree you have just made and throw in the chicken, posole and spices. Put the lid back on and cook at high pressure for 8 minutes then remove from heat and let pressure drop naturally.

7. In the meantime, chop up some cilantro and zucchini while waiting for the pressure to go down.

8. Throw it in and simmer until soft.

9. Garnish with more fresh cilantro, a squirt of lime juice, cashew sour cream, radishes or pepitas. You can also simply pour it over raw, shredded cabbage. Delish.