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Lime Shrimp Quinoa with Cherries

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Lime Shrimp Quinoa with Cherries

There are a few parts to this recipe that give quinoa good flavor.  My husband doesn’t like quinoa, so his response after eating this dish was, “That was a lot better than I thought it was going to be.  Best quinoa I’ve ever had.”

So, here’s how.

Lime Shrimp Quinoa with Cherries Recipe

Toast the dry quinoa in a skillet for a few minutes.  Remove and rinse.

Warm olive oil in a skillet and sautee one diced green garlic.  Add 2 cups broth (chicken, miso, beef) and the toasted quinoa.  Simmer until liquid cooks out.

Meanwhile, prep the rest.  Dice a handful of spinach, & a pinch of cilantro, squeeze two limes, & have a couple handfuls of shrimp ready.  Slice fresh cherries in half and pit them.

Once the quinoa is cooked, mix in the prepped parts until it is all warm together.  Enjoy a tasty dish of quinoa in wonder.

Adapted from Eating Well Magazine.  Dec. 2005/Jan. 2006

Cupboard Story

This plate was our grandparents’ everyday china.  I specifically inherited these dishes (as opposed to the “good china,” when I was living in a van and traveling the western States rock climbing & teaching outdoor education.  Who can blame my grandmother?  All things pointed to “Won’t be settling down anytime soon.”.   These plates remind me of staying the night at their house and waking up to my grandfather squeezing fresh orange juice and putting powdered sugar on donuts from the Downtown Los Angeles Farmer’s Market.  I am so grateful to have these dishes, now.  💕