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Rolling Pin

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Rolling Pin

Cupboard Story

This is my favorite rolling pin. Period.

Back when we owned our restaurant, I was helping with a local fundraiser at our establishment and met Mike Foley, who is also a local Gloucester musician, but also came to find that he is a talented stone carver. For Christmas that year, I bought some of his granite rolling pins as gifts for the bakers in our family…and then I had to go back and buy one for myself.

Usually, I put it in the freezer to get it cold before I roll out cookies or dough. It feels great. The heaviness makes it easier to do the job. I highly recommend that you find one of these, order one, go to any of the shops that carry them, call him, I don’t know, whatever you do and however you can, get one.

(see www.msfoleystoneworks.com)

“M S Foley Stoneworks Rolling pins are hand carved from quarried Swenson granite. As such, their roundness is imprecise compared to lathe turned pins. They are 12 inches long and 2 inches in diameter at the center. The tapered french style design permits easy control, while the weight makes the rolling of stiff dough easier than their wooden counter-parts.”