Tumeric Tea

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Tumeric Tea

My sister & I both love this tea.  Made with tumeric, it is an aquired taste, but instantly warming.  Tumeric is known for its health benefits.  We each feel nourished when we drink this tea.

Tumeric Tea Recipe

I put a spoonful of organic ground tumeric in a thermos with boiling water, lemon juice, sliced ginger, honey, & almond milk.  Memory may make hers differently.  Perhaps you will find out in a later post.  😉

Cupboard Story

The china cup & saucer may have caught your eye.  It belonged to our great grandmother.  She had tons of it.  I believe it is the fancy, valuable type, but who really knows until you look for a buyer.  Multiple members of the family have loads of this stuff.  Because it is so old and fragile, it easily breaks.  I have been known to use broken pieces to hold moisture in the soil of potted plants.

An older cousin came to my house years ago, spotted it, and gasped as she started pulling out the pieces exclaiming that it was the “good china!”   It was broken, but I guess when you see any part of china you knew as a child to be the “good china,” you cannot stand to see it lying in dirt. Believe me, there is plenty of it left.  I offered to give her some, but she declined.  Evidently, she has plenty at home.