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Health Bowl Dinner

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Health Bowl Dinner

This is a picture our stepmom sent us of her dinner.   She makes these Health Bowls as a regular meal.  She mixes in fresh foods from her kitchen, which change all the time, but always include local vegetables.  Ingredients, like the Baba, Falafel, and Olives are found at the Downtown Ventura Farmer’s Market.  It’s her “fast food.”

There is an interesting story behind the Micro Greens she eats, purchased at the Farmer’s Market Downtown Ventura.  The sprout seller’s grandfather started growing sprouts after he was diagnosed with cancer and given one year to live.  He made a radical change, and his new diet included sprouts.  He is still living and doing well, twenty years later.  We were impressed.  If you would like to read more, here is an old article in the Santa Barbara Independent.


Health Bowl Dinner Recipe

Quinoa | Lentils | Falafel | Beets | Tomatoes | Avocado | Micro Greens | Toasted Pistachios | Pure Baba (Eggplant) | Spicy Green Olives | Miso Lemon Dressing